Does GeForce card also improve simulation speed?


I have just a simple question. I have a Lenovo Yoga 7i laptop and added an external GeForce 2060 RTX to it.
Does my GeForce card also improve simulation speed in blender?
For example if I create a fluid simulation, does it simulta/bake faster?
Or is it just faster for rendering?


No, unfortunately not. Simulation depends on processor speed and number of cores. For larger simulations you should also have a lot of main memory.

@seawolf: thanks.

And what about the blender UI itself? does it benefit from my GeForce GTX 2060?

The speed of the UI depends on the graphic card that is used by your monitor. Larger VRAM and higher processing power would give you better response with complex scenes (vertex count, particle numbers…).
If you can run the UI on your external RTX2060 with a monitor that should increase responsiveness. If you use your laptop screen with the internal graphic processor I wouldn’t expect much improvement.

If you want to do faster simulations and got the money you can look at EmberGen that uses GPU for speeding up simulations.