Does hair guides exist (yet)?

I’m making a manga type of character, and I’ve gotten to the hair. I will try to use the utterly cool new hair feature (that i compleatly digg). Now is there any good way to control the shape of the hair? I’ve tried latitces (tought that they might work, becouse hairstrands are static particels) but they didn’t wok. But I belive I have read somewhare that something like hair guides should exist (mabe it was the todo list…). The question is: do they ? and in that case, how do they work?
At the moment I can get exactly ONE haircut, and even tought it looks cool, I’d be happy if there was a little more variation.

I think they do exist in CVS but doesn’t, and won’t, be in 2.40 (got postponed to “post 2.40” IIRC).

Ok, so I’ll just have to stick with my one haircut, or is there any other nice way of handling it?
what I’m trying to do is one of those manga/anime type of haircuts (like son goku in the early dragonball mangas).

Edit: Oh heck! I’ll just stick with this, looks cool :smiley:

it’s not in the CVS yet, you need to apply the particle patch to the sorce code, it’s by jhk, you can get it here

Oh, I don’t think I dare to compile blender yet (have to get more accustomed to linux first). Anyway, this haircut looks cool to me.
You can find my Wip that uses it here:
please comment, I hate when you post something that nobody replies to… Happens all the time for me. Am I doing something wrong maby?

Ton is reviewing that patch so it might make it in before 2.40 yet, but no promises one way or the other.


Even if chances are remote, it sounds promising. I read the wiki some days back and saw that it was postponed. But if he’s even “considering”, that’s great news.