(Does Icarus work with Blender 2.44) <MATCHMOVE> (If so how does it work?)

I was wondering if there is free software that can track the movement of a camera and can allow me to use blender to add in animate-able objects to the real film… (I hope that makes sence…) Preferably one that is free, maybe one that can be used for commercial purposes if possible (so I don’t have to worry about being sued…), works with blender, isn’t really slow, works well, gives me alot of options, or doesn’t cost alot (it’s for a hobby and is just for fun, so nothing to expensive: nothing over $100…) THANKS!!!
PS: Would some one also post a tutorial…
And also, please help me find a software that works with the newer versions of blender…

EDIT: What do you think about voodoo?
EDIT: What about Icarus? Does it work with the newer versions of blender, and how would I use it with blender?
EDIT: Icarus seems like the better one, I believe it can track the camera movement even when the camera isn’t on a tripod, unlike voodoo… How would I get Icarus to work on Blender 2.44 and newer?

Will Icarus work with Blender 2.44 and can it track the camera even if it isn’t on a tripod, and is there a tutorial or guide to using Icarus with Blender 2.44… Is there a better Match Move software that works with Blender 2.44 or newer, that is free, fast, easy to use (doesn’t crash), gives alot of features, can match move even when the camera isn’t on a tripod…

Will someone offer me any help?