Does IK even work in GE??

I’ve dug through some threads here, but they seem to contradict each other (even when dealing with same Blender version numbers!)

How much does IK work in the GE? I tried doing a simple setup with a cube acting as IK target for a (2-bone chain) Armature, and then having it deform a simple mesh. Nothing happens.

Is it that the (always invisible… grrr…) bones are not reacting to the IK target? Is it that the mesh is not deforming? Is it both??

:frowning: Where is my crying smiley when I need it…

IK works within an armature- you can’t have a bone track another object though. You also can’t use blendin in the action actuator, or the GE crashes (unless they fixed that in more recent versions)

So… I can only track another bone in the same armature? How do I move a bone inside an armature then? Poses only?

And I don’t know what you mean by ‘blendin’?

First, you need to set up an action (using pose mode and key frames). Then you select the armature and add your keyboard sensor, and controller, and an ACTION actuator with the name of your action in it. A small demo with my toucan character:

Oh yah. They fixed blendin in 2.44. At least on my computer it works…sometimes…helps for transitions…alot…

Okay, what exactly is ‘blendin’??

it makes looks the transition between 2 action smoother, without that ‘‘instant’’ transition look

Thanks to all! Guess I have 150 hours or so worth of study in that one file alone now :slight_smile: