Does it blend?

Ha ha! it’s teh funny! You’ll like it!

yeah, you. . . . can. . . blend. . .anything . . .with . . . a blender.(but can you render it

haha thats really cool… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know something that doesn’t blend. And thats Blender Foundation’s Blender :stuck_out_tongue:

oo wow… why would u even buy something that powerfull., unles su gona like blend human parts in there

hahaha… Always smart to have your hand right on the lid with thousands of tiny glass shards flying right underneath your hand. He was right to say don’t breathe in the glass dust, causes silicosis but he didn’t seem to mind…

Wow, very powerful, I could use it to blend John Kerry buttons and Osama bin Laden figurines into dust:D

If it can turn marbles into dust I couldn’t imagine anything it won’t blend. Except a .blend.


You gotta stop saying stuff like this. For your own good.

[paranoid talk]
VK has a point.
You don’t know what the FBI can do to you.
By taking one small, innocent post containing a joke and (purposefully) misinterpreting it they can ruin your life.
[/paranoid talk]

Note to CIA
The above post is fictious and should not be interpreted as being a statement made by me, Charlesworth999.
End note to CIA

Actually I was just talking about preventing himself from looking ignorant, but meh.