Does Karma work for you ?

Ok so this is how it works for me. I do a good deed and get my good deed come back to me usually in the space of a week. For example, I helped a blind gentleman to a taxi on Friday, and in the weekend I find a beanie on the road just when I’m about to purchase one.
Now . . . Some years ago I rear ended a car parked illegally outside a police station station of all the places and then I just drove away after seeing the massive damage I did to the passenger side door. I got away with it in case you are wondering. Then some months ago I was sitting in my vehicle sketching a model that I was planning to do in Blender and this guy just randomly rear ends me. Ofcourse there was just two cars in the carpark at that time. He paid up for the little nick on the car side, and the damage to his own car was maybe a third of what he done to my vehicle.
So my problem is, in the theme of karma, karma has been short-changed. I’m just waiting for it to come back with a vengence, and a bit concerned.
Please note that this thread is placed in a light-hearted manner - so kindly keep your comments within the same atmosphere or go drink your cups alone.

You know Karma is funny, though- it might come back to haunt you in a year, or in 10 years. I don’t believe karma works on an incident-to-incident basis, either… I do believe that if you always try to do good for people, karma will always be on your side!

Who knows, maybe you did this bad one thing, and then a lot of really good things, too- so now karma is evened out, although it may not seem that way!

Just watch out in parking lots!

(edit- hey, if Karma threw you a beanie- you two must be cool!)

Maybe the car you bumped was covered by insurance? So you got “payed” already.

Yep Tedi that could it. Though on my way of the police station, I did come across a distraught young couple hurrying in for what ever reason. Imagine their faces after they made their report and the lady reached out to open the door . . .

we are not supposed to talk about religion, here…

But out of all the religious beliefs I see , The Hindu belief in Karma it the closest thing i can state as a true thing.

I have witnessed quite a few evil people, get some evil things done to them… out of the blue.
I have seen good people, receive good luck and good fortune almost immediately after their acts of kindnesses to others.

I am an atheist, so I do not believe in some ghost that goes about doing good to the do gooders, and totally #$%^ing over the bad doers.

but I must say, there is an odd thing going about… lets not call it a ghost,or an act of an alien race,UFO’s , God’s wrath, or anything else unless we have some way of explaining it with facts.

I do see it every day… something does exist like karma in my opinion.

…Rather than for what I would want it to be.

Almost anyone can take a slew of random events and recall at least one incident in the past that would somehow seem directly (or indirectly) linked to any one specific incident occurring in the immediate present.
Hence, I think that “Karma” is simply an illusion, brought on by an individuals’ desire to find a means of controlling future events.

So, needless to say, my answer to your question is no.

Then does Karma even work, or is that just coincidence? It’s impossible to prove it works anyway if it’s this way because you quickly lose track of all good or bad things you’ve done.

I don’t know if this would be an example but I hid extra cans behind the microwave downstairs in our house and recently slammed a ping-pong-ball and it hit the cans and made them rattle, either that or the Biblical basis of your sins coming back to find you.

I think such things are simply a creation of the human mind. Murphy’s law is another example. Let’s say you’re in a rush to get somewhere, and you notice you get a red light at the first traffic light you come to on the way to the place. You say, “Dang, whenever I’m in a rush I get this red light.” But in reality, you always get the red light. It’s just that when you’re not in a rush you don’t notice.
So I think karma is the same.
One day something good happens to you, and you think, “Oh, lucky me, it’s my lucky day.”
Then another time, you do something good, then something good happens to you and you think, “Wow, must be the good thing I did earlier today.”
What about all those times when you do a good deed (or something similar, i.e., you think you were friendly to people that day) and something terrible happens anyway? You don’t associate. You just think you must be unlucky.

I don’t think that karma is spiritual, it just works out that way. I think that it is natural that we hate bad people and we like good people, so we end up “eliminating” the bad person. You see, it is very likely that war-mongers won’t die of natural death because after declaring war, there will be a whole nation that will hate you. If you get what Im getting here, then you will see what I mean.

karma might be like the buddhist kamma
it comes back to you in your next life as extra spiritual points

more of an attitude thing. If you are happy, you are happy. Its all in the head, and is all linked in with the Idea of Karma.

Just a fun note, many years ago I had only one dollar to my name. I went to a church (I forget the religion) and gave it to them. On the way back home I found seven dollars laying on the ground. That was enough for a really nice cabbage soup.

If karma is working for me… i must have been really evil in past life because nothing really good ever happens in my life…

I feel as though karma is simply a state of mind, or a way of looking the daily occurances.
Either you find that it holds true, or it doesn’t.
However, I stronly feel that sometimes we just classify things as good and bad karma.
For example, we can associate different events in our lives, and “blame” it on karma.
For example, I was in the car with my friend a few days ago, and she hit another car in the parking lot.
She knew it was wrong to drive away, but proceeded to do so, and got out of that accident.
However, after we came back out of the store we went into, there was a ticket on her windshield, because she had parked in an invisible handicap spot.
And she instantly blamed that on karma.
I think karma is really just a matter of associating events with a term used to “define” these events as good or bad.
If that makes any sense.

Karma supposedly changes your luck right?


I used to believe in karma, but this simple thing I posted above is far more reality freindly.

You can believe if you want that if you give your lotto ticket to someone out of the goodness of your heart that you will come into some type of money eventually. But I put that on the simple fact that you happened to glance at that ad in the paper for 75% off at bestbuy before I believe (again) that there was some force in the world that directly influenced best buy to put that ad in the paper just because you did something nice. You did SOME type or research…maybe without even knowing it…that lead you into the postion that netted you the money you didn’t have 5 min prior to getting it. Or saved you some money as in my example.

REALITY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!! Think your happy…and your happy…think your sad…and your sad.

There is always though, that spontaneous happening when someone mistakenly dropped a 50 on the ground 2 min before you walk by? That…I can’t explain lol. But what happens if in actuality it wasn’t karma but a test generated just for you by the divine creator? And you picked it up and spent it!!! FOR SHAME. I say that because if you believe in karma you’d have to believe in some type of higher power…otherwise you’re only saying you believe in karma to fit in!

Assuming you had a past life.

Everyone here knows I was a Dragon in my past life (yes, you read that correctly). I do remember eating a human or two (and enjoying the feast) and probably starting a forest fire because of careless fire breathing (ironically that ended up causing my death along with my Dragon mother’s in some way).

I won’t be reincarnating again though, I’ll be going to Heaven where I’ll be re-united with my Dragon parents:yes:

Here is what Karma means :

I just finished a course in school where we learned some about different religions, and the buddhist view of karma is that it is your intention that really matters, not the outcome. That’s apparently why the Buddha ate poisonous mushrooms even though he knew they would kill him; to make sure that the intentions of the person serving it remained good. I’m not sure if I believe that story, but I do think the intent of our actions is important.

Good thing happening is overrated. A Hollywood movie myth if you ask me. If good happens all the time then you’ll become a retard/dragon that thinks that religion is life and war is the solution to everything.


Dragons do exist… .It is a term in homosexual men’s lingo… it is a bi-sexual guy who just got his… lol… never mind…google it yourself :stuck_out_tongue: (if you are over 21 years old, and have a strong stomach)

Look up the term twink, ferries, or bear too, and you will get a very different meaning than you would expect. :slight_smile: in the future when you see posts of people claiming to be the above mentioned, they are not crazy… they are just lonely looking for a date :slight_smile:

It is very sad here in America, where gay men have to hide under secrete little names, and have a secrete little lingo so that they can talk in public places, without the usual hatred.
There is also a full range of gestures and body language they can use to communicate too.

Being mean to gay people brings very bad Karma :frowning: