Does Maya ,3Ds Max better than blender?

one is extremly expensive, and one is totally free, but blender seems not as popular as thos expensive softwarem(in taiwan,in america,i dont know) dose those software better than blender?

how can they sell it at that price?

i remember the price is 2500$USD higher than my entire computer

You can’t say they are better and be totally correct. Blender can be used for certain things, it can be more efficient and faster, but then again 3dsmax or Maya fit to other purposes better. If I had could choose between those three, I think I’d take Maya, since it’s used in films and stuff, and I could get Blender afterwards :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: .

Well, I’d guess Maya would be best for film effects and things of that nature, 3dsmax for game stuff and architecture, and Blender good for animation and well, for basically all, effects might be harder to achieve with blender. But I’d really start with Blender.

I have no experience on Maya, and little experience on 3dsmax. A lot experience with Blender.

This subject has been broached many times here, and thoroughly dissected.

We do not need another rehashing.

A simple search with “maya blender” and “all terms selected” brought up a good 4-5 threads.

It’ll just end in a flamewar, like the last umpteen times.