Does mirroring poses still work the same in 2.69?

I’m following a tutorial on a walk cycle from Blender Cookie. And the guy keyframes a pose than says…

copy the keyframes ctrl c
paste mirror copy of keyframes ctrl shift v

But for the life of me, I cant get paste the new mirrored keyframes

Has something changed? I’ve tried doing it both the dope sheet window and in default timeline and isn’t working either way.

did you add a new key frame before doing the copy ?


@Ricky … well the way the guy in the tutorial did was first he set up a pose for the first frame of the walk cycle… than he copied that pose and pasted it onto the very last frame. He then said copy that pose again, but this time paste using ctrl shift V and supposedly it pastes a mirrored version of the copy pose. So I selected the first group of keyframes and did ctrl c…moved my cursor to where the paste should go, But when I do the ctrl shift V nothing pastes.

Flip pose only works in the 3Dview. In Dopesheet/Graph editor you can only copy/paste keyframes.

Hover over 3Dview to copy pose (selected bones), paste, or paste flipped and key it there (if autokey not on).


Hey thanks Larry…yep, it worked that way in the 3d viewport. Kind of strange you cant do it in the dope sheet… they have mirror options for keyframes.

I guess I’ll mark this solved… thanks again