does mp3 work in runtime?


i added some sounds to a game, but when i made a .exe with the .blend, all the mp3 sound files didnt work, but the wave ones still worked

does anyone know how to solve this problem?
id rather use mp3s to save space, but if i have to i can convert them into .wav’s

they ought to

some say you need to create a dynamic runtime and include the dll files

… if that doesn’t work you could always use the ogg format. That’s what Peter used for my music in his hellstation demo.

Yeah I like .ogg a way better then mp3 in games, no idea why, but it can be compressed in really low bit rate and still sounds nice, like mp3 and wave don’t. :slight_smile:

mp3 work in exe.

my file:


What’s .ogg and where can i find a program to convery mp3, or waves to .oggs

i use a program named sound forge but you have to buy that:(
im sure there is some other free progam that can do the same things in the GameBlender developer tools

i used VideoMach to convert mp3s into .oggs

unfortunatly, the same thing happened, the gggs wouldnt play back in the .exe

there was an error when VideoMach finished converting the file, that may have causd it not to work 100% properly, though it did work in the .blend

Did you save a dynamic runtime, and include FMOD.dll and python20.dll files in the directory of the .exe? AFAIK .mp3, .ogg, etc. don’t work in static runtimes.

for saving .ogg, check out “audacity” on this is an open source sound editor, and i think it’s available for almost anything that has a CPU.