Does my Picture look real?

(H-C) #1

Ok hi this is a Picture i did in blender, a model of my grandad then i used the photo i took from him and used a gray colour layer of it for the bump mapping and a texture of it.

copy and paste

(BgDM) #2

Hey, nice job! It’s a little dark, but very good.

Maybe turn the spec down a tad, seems a bit shiny right now.

Some of the edges could be rounded out more, like the cheeks, and eyebrow area.


(H-C) #3

ok if you dont think i have modelled it heres the mesh

(BgDM) #4

I never sadi you didn’t model it. I was just giving some suggestions to maybe improve it a bit.

Can you post the image of your grand father for comparison? Maybe that would help.


(micabr) #5

WOW that is amazing. very good work. You should do a tutorial on how you modeled the head.

(H-C) #6

sorry bgDM i didnt mean you its just a few people in irc thought it was just a plain with a texture added to it.

(garbager) #7

Maybe there’s way to improve it.

First, you have to work more on UV, your mesh mouth isn’t calibrated with your texture map.
but it’s a nice job.
To make it more photoreal, maybe yo should do few things.

  1. make a bigger resolution map. texture map qhould have at least twice the resolution of the picture if they’re the main characer, for example your face takes all the picture, if the picure is 640x480, make a 1024x960 texture.
  2. create a bump map, the bumpmap should have at least twice he resolution of the texture map (2048x1920)
  3. create a specular map same size as texture map.

Except that you’re on the right track to create a nice head !

(digitalSlav) #8

does he have failing kidneys? his eyes are all yellow and sickly! maybe post a 3/4 view or something…

(H-C) #9

the Texture under the mouth is meant to be like that and the cracks at the side are meant to be there he has wrinkles at the side of his mouth, also he has a kind of redness just under he lip.

Also the textures are meant to be quite blurry as the camera is focusing right into the face. i also did add a bump effect layer i infact i had two layers to the face one texture, and one bump mapping there is a considerable difference with the model when the bump effect is not applied, as you can see the nose is quite bumpy, thats the bump effect not the texture. at this moment in time its also impossible to add uv then add bump map effect so thats out of the question. and its not a UV texture its a Accuratly placed Texture over the top took a lot to place it in line. thanks for your help.

(paradox) #10

Very nice. I like it. That is a very interesting technique. Thanks for sharing. It is interesting also to see a model of a real person.