Does nintendo allow blender? If not any big companies?

I’m thinking of learning unity so does nintendo allow blender? If not any big companies?:smiley:

Like, software of theirs reading .blend files??

Because otherwise from blender you usually get .obj or .fbx for the engine. If Nintendo engines support those widely used formats then the authoring software doesn’t really matter (which is nice)

I’m not sure I understand the question. What does Nintendo have to do with Unity and why would they care if you used Blender in Unity? What do you mean by allow? Is there a list of software that is Allowed to be used to create assets for Unity or Nintendo? Is that even a thing?

Do you mean of you were to work at Nintendo? Ask Nathan Vegdahl, afaik he works there.

What does that even mean? I guess they’re cool with it… how would anyone here know?

how are babby formed?

good one, :slight_smile:


Nintendo is a publisher last I checked,
they have 1st party developers

you have to pick one,

Nintendo EPD is probably the one you’re talking about right?

I don’t think any developer, especially nintendo cares about what software you use

Just show them some good art, then the rest will follow.