does python work with 2.31a?

Does python work with the latest version of blender, and it it does, could someone explain to me how to get it working? I havn’t been able to find any where that explains fully what i need to do.

it works fine

now, to use python modules that are not included in blender, you need a python 2.2.x install, I run 2.2.3. Don’t get confused and get a 2.3.x release (the latest version)

now then, to run a python script you usually load it into a text window in blender, and run it by pressing alt+p with your cursor in that window

python scripts can also be run in the game engine with the python controller

and on redrawing the screen, or a change of a frame using script links

all of this is published, where have you been looking not to find it?

You will also have to set your python path. there is a thread at the top of this subforum explainig how to do so. Once you get Python set up, there is no end to the amusing things that you can do with Blender. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thanks for your help but;

i seem to be able to get what seem’s to be “simple” scripts working (e.g. the bevel script) but the fiber scripts keep coming up with module errors and stuff. hmm…

don’t worry. i got it all working. :slight_smile: