Does someone has advice on modelling pony manes from a drawing

I’m a beginner in Blender, I did a few tries (a table, a textured earth and moon, random stuff, …) long ago, I manage to get my way through the interface and these days I’m trying to start back, learning Blender more seriously, especially because I have a little project:

I have those drawings of ponies, for example this one

and this one
(I think I’ll have 5 of them to do in total)

and I want to make a 3D model of their mane (all the other parts I’m thinking of using this tool: to make them and then merge everything in blender) the goal at the end is to export the ponies in .stl and make them become real using my 3D printer.

Do you have advice on how to model the mane ? and on how to conduct the project considering the fact that I have little knowledge in the usage of Blender and that I have about 2 weeks to make them.

Thanks in advance for any help