does someone have 'Set Vertex Alpha' script ?

hi everyone , im looking for this script for set the vertex alpha , i have found few download links but they dont work , would be great if someone send it to here because i really need it , thanx in advance

is this the script, may not be.
can you supply any more details, broken links, author?
Thanks M.A.

OK, I have the script you are looking for, exactly.
I’ll post here soon when new hosting can be arranged.

thanx a lot for reply but this is not what im looking for , u can find more info what im talking about script in this topic (check out first post) or check out below infos ;

Author ; Novaserph
broken link ;
script pic ;

Best Regards


Hi, I do have the correct script sitting in my personal archives. It was in a folder ‘nova’, with the uv scripts. Not many escape me. I sent a pm to Novaserph offering new hosting.
The script appears broken.

thanx a lot mate , i shall be so glad if u find it because i really need it , thanx in advance

P.S ; do u know how can i use other ( script u sent) script ? which one folder i need to put it for works correctly ? (.blender\scripts\ or .blender\scripts\bpymodules\ ) and how can i select it in Blender (where is it) ? can u tell me more info about it ? thanx