Does someone want to help me?

Take a look at my file:

I need a progammer or someone who knows python. To all who would like to help, PM me or post, and I’ll let you know what I’m trying to do.

(Note: The demo file consists of giant robot action.)

:o Impressive! Did u model everything? The animation rocks dude! congratulations.
Also the interface for entering the Robot is very nice. Everybody: for entering the robot go to top of the building.

Did you make all of this alone? A scene whith a lot of work. Impressive.
Working quite good in 2.37

Sadly iam not a programer… But i can help you whith UV maping if u wanna. :wink:

Everything was done by myself: texturing, modeling, animations, level layout, everything. I started on it back in early October.

Oh yeah, if anyone is wondering where I got the character’s voice, I recorded it off of the DVD with the program Hotkey Sound Recorder.

i dont understand much in the game engine so…is there a way to start the game aside from pressing “p”?

File>Save Realtime… saves it as an exe! :slight_smile: (You need to copy a couple of DLLs from the blender directory).

Keith. 8)

Guys i don’t know this dude but i guess he is very shy…
In fact this post is not a simple ask for help. He made a very cool WIP check it out this screenshots :wink: :

Where do i need to copy the .dll files to? This game looks awsome but my crappy laptop can’t handle it :x Hopefully the .exe will run smoother


The files u need to copy Dr. Nick. It is inside the “blenderfoundation” directory. I guees the .exe will not run the game smoother.

This is a very nice looking game. I could try to help with the python coding with the little amount of python knowledge I have, it depends on exactly what you wish to achieve (and how much I learn from coding the logic for my own project).

You can do it as gorgan_almi describes but i beleive its Save Runtime (just to avoid confusion) or you can enable Autostart in the Game menu and the game will automatically start when you open the blend file.

For me the .exe doesnt run any smoother than the game would inside blender. Maybe your computer will behave differently.

Oops… Thats what i meant. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

Thorgal, :o why do those pics look better than when I actually run it, lol. Hmm, looks better shrunken down. But nevertheless, nice job Shn275.

Heh, why don’t you just tell us what you plan to do and we can see who can help or pitch in? Well since you released the .blend file with the whole thing, what’s the harm in telling us your ideas on what you want to do :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Been pretty busy.
I guess what I really need help with are the Life Bars & the Energy/Weapon Depletion Meter.

Here’s what I mean:

I’ll post the updated file in a few hours. I started the enemy A.I. Basically, what he’ll do is bring out his lasers and fire at you when you’re at certain ranges.

Oh yeah, I’ll explain more about the Life & Energy/Weapon Depletion bars when I post the file.

goldentaiji Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 4:10 pm Post subject:

Thorgal, why do those pics look better than when I actually run it, lol. Hmm, looks better shrunken down.

:-? Sorry Goldentaiji, Didn’t get. What do you mean? Are you seeing the pictures?

:smiley: Oh was just saying the pictures you posted looked slightly better than in game. Hmm… maybe cause the pictures were scaled down… I don’t know, but for some odd reason the pics have this certain feel to it, that’s missing a bit in game… :-? ack I can’t explain it.

:wink: I’ll be all ears when you post your explaination about the health bar stuff. Good luck :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Here’s the file:

The file contains a detailed explanation of what I’m trying to achieve.

I forgot to mention in the file:

  1. If anyone knows how to set the camera in the first scene(Roger Smith) with collision so it won’t pass through the buildings, could you add it to the file.

  2. I also forgot to mention the attack the hero mech has that’s suppose to be the ultimate attack. Its the powerful punches executed with Key D(right arm) and Key S(left arm) that have the impact shockwaves. If the shockwaves comes in contact with the enemy, the enemy is instantly KO’d.

Hmm, haven’t looked at .blend yet. But for camera collisions take a look here, a camera collision tutorial by Andy.

Jason Lin

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

Well I didn’t want to tamper with any files. Plus it’s always better to learn how to do things first hand :smiley: . Seeing as you got this far already (I know you have the determination), I just took the liberty of writing a tutorial for you and others that might find it useful later on in the future.

It’s a very basic tutorial on how to setup enery/health bars. Read through it and see if you can set it up in your own .blend. Feel free to ask if you encounter any other problems.

Oh here’s the link to the tutorial.

Jason Lin

Now i get it! Nothing special on my screenshots, thank you Jason.
I just scaled down the pictures as you said. For capturing iam using gadwin printscreen.
By the way when you have simple action pictures side by side, sometimes it gives you a better overview of the idea than the game itself. :wink:

Ok, I’ve set it up where the energy gauge depletes at a steady rate when the SPACE bar is pressed, and recharges when the key is released. Now I have another problem. How do I make the lasers stop firing when the gauge is depleted?