Does symmetrize not work on certain bones?

I started rigging for the first time a couple of days ago and tried to follow a step by step tutorial, but I’ve been stuck at the symmetrizing point for hours now.

The tutorial said to just click symmetrize but it never symmetrizes the control bones and messes everything up- All I could find was ppl saying to check whether they’re named properly but I checked a million times I just don’t know what to do anymore

Got a file? Your bones look named properly (-ish*); symmetrize in edit mode with legcontroll.r selected ought to be creating legcontroll.l, mirrored across the armature’s X axis.

*Standard for naming is that r/l is from the character’s perspective, so most riggers would mirror your l/r. But that shouldn’t break anything here, it’s just a standard.

changing it from r to l worked, thank you so much!