Does the 2.9 Blender have a No-Slip option for fluids?

Hi, I’ve been trying out a fluid simulation with a slimey fluid, but I haven’t been able to have the fluid stick to the effectors it interacts with. In my test sim, the fluid just runs across the domain floor instead of clumping/sticking together.

For the time being, I’ve been using the Honey preset for fluid diffusion, but the tutorial I’ve been following was done in 2.8, where obstacles had a no-slip/free-slip/partial-slip feature (, at the 8:12 mark). The effect I wanted used the no-slip option, but with 2.9(2) I haven’t been able to find that option, and don’t know if it was moved or re-classified. Does anyone know if there’s a way to do/emulate that no-slip effect, so I can achieve a more viscous, caramel-esque effect?

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Try turning up the surface tension. Also when using the presets for viscosity they are for a certain scale, so try reducing the base as well.