Does the BGE have a browser plugin?


I need to make an interactive “game” for the web. Basically it is a 3d chair the client wants the user to be able to fly around and zoom in on. The “game” itself is simple with the BGE, but the client needs it on the web.

Does the BGE have a plugin so a game can be played on the web?

If so, is there a tutorial or instructions on how use the plugin on the webpage?


You could always try use , which is a browser based thingie that is able to show models straight on the website.
I think it supports .obj format and it is free to use.

Yea works really well, and it has surprisingly good performance. You can push quite a few polygons into a model and display it with that. If you need something that allows a bit more customization, then you should try the burster plugin for blender, I have never used this to create anything, but have tried some of the examples and it seems good. Not sure if it limits the game engine in any way, maybe this is something that you would want to check out.

Off-topic: Wouldnt it be great of we could embed the widgets in this forum. I think it would be really useful and since game models are a bit lower res, the game engine support forum/WIP forums would really benefit from this. I have no idea how to go about getting in touch with the person who maintains the server for, but I would really try if lots of people got on board. Or I’m sure the more experienced forum members would know who to contact. I might make a new thread for this. (let me know if its been done before!)

We used to have a browser plugin from but it has security flaws and was dropped. Now we have burster which is an external company which is quite useful

But doesnt use any plugins, so there must be less chance of any security issues. And burster requires quite a bit more setup to just display a model online.

Awesome everyone! Thanks!