Does the Blender Secrets ebook is really worth it

I am kinda a skeptical in term of books specialising on a software, especially with blender who keep evolving in so many ways.
But I am kinda asking for people who actually bought it if it is worth the money. I am fairly new to blender, bought some amazing tutorial on rigging and animation and also followed some great free course on youtube. And yet I do feel that I barely know 10% or less of blender.
The price is not like hundred bucks or something and there are many positive reviews. I kinda want to learn stuff about shading, vfx stuff, and it is really a pain to find some good one. Is it possible that in this book I could find some?

The author(s) of the ebook have a youtube channel where they post 1 minute tutorials from those ebooks, you can watch a few of them to see if it’s worth it:

I am tempted. The videos he/she posts on IG are really good.