does the image in gallery all creat by blender

i can hardly bellive

it was so perfect, i see some ppl post there 3Dstill image on other forums like CGtalk, but i also see that “software” colum which not only blender in it , but some other software like 3Dmax,

do they creat those all by blender? or they hav other stuff but just “render” in blender?

if blender can make images like those, why would ppl still choose 3Dmax, does that still not good enough?

Soem people model in Blender and choose to render in other apps, such as Max, Maya, etc.

sonix, for example, is currently creating all his models in Blender, export to Max, and render with Maxwell Renderer.

Not that Blender can’t stand alone as a good renderer, but other render engines are a bit better and offer some more flexibility than Blender currently does.


The reason people choose 3DMax is because that’s the one that’s the industry standard.

People want to learn to use what the people in their industry are using, then people entering the industry want to use what they’ve learned.

As long as 3DS keeps producing updates to include the latest features, industry will keep paying to use it and ignore the alternatives.

but isn’t blender like, designed to be compatible with external renderers and stuff? I mean, could you use blender and just buy MentalRay or whatever other renderer you liked?

Cosimo_0: The only external renderer currently supporting Blender is Yafray. As for the other ones, I don’t think anyone has written an export script to make Blender compatible. At least not to my knowledge.

Thus the requirement to export your Blend file as an OBJ or 3DS file format and go from there, currently.


then what do u think is the best part of blender?

those CGmakers seems all hav very good software,which better than blender, but why do they keep stick with blender?

what do they need from blender?

Everything. The game engine, the physics engine, the new fluid simulator & hair system. The price. The mesh tool set is on a par with Max but has the few extras that even the big apps don’t have. It took Max ages to get seams for UV unwrapping, something Blender had well before.

Because Blender is so very easy to work with, efficiently and quickly.
Spider man 2 pre-viz was made with Blender. Okay it wasn’t finally done with Blender, but it goes to show that if there was another 3D application that was faster for that task, it would have been used.

An improved internal renderer. Not much left to add to Blender as a package.


thank you

haha it was you, man i saw your CG on CGtalk than i have this question

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