Does the math ever get easier?

I find myself constantly having to check SOHCAHTOA cheat sheets even to do the most basic stuff, which really slows me down a lot.

Does this ever become intuitive?

As you practice math the process of learning will seem easier. You will always use reference materials to reduce errors in your formulations. I have leaned over the years I have no mathematical intuition, half the time I am wrong, instead I follow the math, especially when learning new math.

Can you explain what you mean, I know of those various math tables but not this?

What type of math are you talking about anyway?

Basic trig that helps you remember the equations for sine cosine and tan by the relationship between sides in a right angled triangle.
i have recently been being more specific in checking my maths but I do a lot by simply thinking about how functions look and visualising how various maths processes change them. Sometimes I check my intuition by using actual maths but not as often as I should.

It’s a common idiom for the equations that relate the trigonometric functions to the quotients of the triangle sides.

If you’re using these expressions often enough, you begin to know them by heart after a while, at least that’s my experience.

I’m assuming you’re doing these calculations in a coding environment?

Math as a whole doesn’t get easier as there’s always something more complex than what you’re doing. But things you do frequently definitely become easier to remember and work with. As an example, I barely knew anything about vectors (by memory) when I started game programming, but now, it’s like ABC. I can even visualize them in my head just from seeing their components.

Trigonometry is no different. If you can relate each concept with something practical in your daily activities, those concepts will become a part of you.

Math is one area where no knowledge is wasted. While you can solve most problems with the basic building blocks of math (+ - * /), learning the more advanced building blocks like SOHCAHTOA will definitely make your life easier. It’s worth taking the time to fully understand and visualize those concepts not just memorizing them.

game programming definitely helps**

math does get easier, everything you learn become the base for what you learn later? is trig hard for him? evidently yes. but if he couldn’t even do algebra it wouldn’t be hard…it would be impossible. so yes he’s proof it becomes easier. its like anything else, the more you do it the easier it gets. your subconscious starts doing some of the work for you so it seems easier. you brain neurons start forming connections to make it easier and faster, it seeps from the id to the ego to the super ego. how long it takes varies from person to person and their aptitude for it, but everyone can learn it if they put in enough time and effort.

stress makes it hard to learn

creativity helps you learn, any time you engage in your own creative endeavors, in a state of play you learn best,

crack open a game engine and play :slight_smile:

to me it was all about abstraction and solving problems, which i like…
it gets easier by repeating & iterating :wink:
it gets easier once you know and then get to understand
relativity within the circle
same as with any skill, same as with whole life
play - repeat,
rinse - release…

but first

have Confidence & Trust yourself
finally its you, the engineer of your mind

Well said!

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

To answer some questions, this is mostly in conjunction with generative/procedural node based workflows, mainly Houdini, Xpresso, Sverchok (which I can’t figure out to save my life) and Animation Nodes, as well as some scripting in AE Expressions, Python, Vex, Processing.

Many of you had mentioned game engines. Do you think that gaming will provide a better insight here?

Math is the same everywhere. It is not easier in game engines.

There are different kinds of people who can learn those concepts in varying ways. Some need to understand how that works exactly in order to work with it. Others take it as a black box and just go with it.

Very often, it is sufficient to use it as a black box. You throw some values in and you get a result that you continue to work with it. The important thing is of course, that the order of those values is correct and that they are applied correctly. If you don’t know how or why to use a certain one, ask in a math or in this forum.

Generally the more you do it the easier it gets.