Does the reload image file from disk button ever work for anyone?

It has never worked for me in the last 2 years.

It works for me, 2.90.
Also hovering over the image texture node in node editor (or over the image in Image editor) ALT-R reloads it.


Normally it works, i have the issue sometimes it stops working if you change between workspaces and leave one workspace in a mode where it blocks reloading i guess. Try change mode of your last workspace. I didnt investigate it further yes.

Maybe there is another issue with the fileformats, i did not ever used .psd-files.

Alt+R while hovering over the image node is my preference too. I use layered PSDs a lot in Blender. If nothing appears to happen then it simply means I’ve forgot to do a Ctrl+S in Photoshop to update the saved copy.

Any chance of deep PSD support in Blender someday. I remember a long time ago Maya started supporting reading individual layers from PSD files in its shading network.