Does the runtime "Runs or works" faster with relative paths or packed textures?

Hi guys, how are you?
I would like to know if I make a runtime in Blender, what is the best choice to make it work smooth?
Relative paths or packaging?

I made ARKADIANAX (Retro shoot em up 2d /3d), and the loading times sometimes are big (The first time it has to load the textures I guess) Because when I replay a stage, the game loads fast.

I would love you could help me with this question…
Cheers and thank you!

Neither is faster, blender still has to load the same amount of information into ram.

There may be ways to optimize it though, by lowering resolution and making sure objects are sharing data when possible (alt+d rather than shift+d)
Or you can hide the long startup time behind a loading screen…

Relative Paths are a MUST HAVE. Otherwise the game will only find the desired resources when they are at the same places as at your PC (which is very unlikely).

Packaging means you place external resources into the .blend file itself. If you do this you do not need to worry about paths. Be aware only resources belonging to this particular .blend at that time will be packed. You can still add external resources (which will not be packed until you explicitly tell Blender to do so).

So these options are more a organizational/logistical options.

Thank you guys, appreciated.