does the sound last forever ¿

does the sound last forever ??
i have been told that it lasts forever in some way , so we can take it back to listen to it …

Searching the wiki wasn’t helpfull :o

Say what now?

Whatta you mean:
Sound in general (with bands artists)
or more specific?

ingame sound of blender…right
google is your mate, but to be honest, i dont know

Say what now?

hehe … that is funny

anything we hear , the voice the sound , the car’s sound … when the sound is emitted , does it really last forever … ¿

ingame sound of blender…right

google is your mate, but to be honest, i dont know

wha ?

i’m seriouse , please :frowning:

anything we hear , the voice the sound , the car’s sound … when the sound is emitted , does it really last forever … ¿
sound you can here is a longitudinal (amplitude parall to the direction of travel) wave in the air, the gas particles that make up the air ( O^2, N^2, CO^2 and outher trace particles) interact with each other, creating heat and thus disapating the energy of the sound wave, so no, sound dus not go on forever. although it would be posable to hear it again if you could move faster than the sound, pass the wave then stop again before it is disapated.

nothing can go on forever, it will collide/ transfur its energy eventually

does the sound last forever ??

Only in the same way that a ripple in the water (after, say, throwing a dead bod… erm, um… rock in a lake) lasts forever. Sure, the ripple might theoretically still be there somewhere, but it’s mixed with so many other weak waves that it might as well not be… especially since it’s nearly impossible to isolate sound from a single souce (in order to do so, you’d have to take all of the other interfering sounds and invert their waveforms for that instant to cancel them out, leaving only your sound. That, of course, is a non-trivial problem verging on impossibility).

For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. This could also be aplied to the “equal but opposite reaction” and so on . . . You just have to work the effects of this chain reaction.

wow, he asks alot of deep questions. well, time to be immature i guess.

if i fart, do you want it to go on?
if i argue about wether smurfs are mammals or insects, do you want that to go on?
if i tell you what i saw growing on the back of some guy’s back, do you want that to go on?

my farts are immortal

IMHO, thoughts go on forever. Have you ever tried to not remember? It is funny, people say that we only use 10% of our minds, I have wondered what the other 90% is used for. Could it be for mass storage? What happens when you connect with the whole?

(whoa, I have to lay off the coffee) :slight_smile:

does the sound last forever

in a word… Nope :smiley:

I think they last longer if you make the sounds underwater though.

I also think it lasts longer in formaldehyde, everything lasts longer in formaldehyde.

It’s like asking if anything in this universe goes on forever, sound, matter, sunlight… It does but it’s energy changes.

All we know for sure is that Adolf Hitlers voice is going out in space for the last 60 (light)years. Hollywood movie told me so.

Somehow i knew you’d say something almost exactly like this.

thanks too much for everyone who helped

The sound isn’t, it’s the radio broadcast of him talking that is.

Are you sure? :confused: He talked really really really loud.

About 2 weeks ago an ex army radio technician was telling me that radio waves can bounce around in the ionosphere for decades. People have picked up radio broadcasts from WWII due to this phenomenon.

However, sound is due to the vibration of molecules and so therefore would get dissipated and converted into other forms of energy.
After a while everything vibrates and transfers the energy to other objects, combining with other vibrations to form hybrid noise?
Quite a large number of years ago a rumor went around that the IDF could go into a room and capture old conversations out of the walls while tracking terrorists…