Does the tall matter ?


I’m always working on small objects (I’m jeweller), but in order to make some fun and learn a little I’m pushing myself on something bigger (bigger).

I’m wondering how to do so. My scene will show two towers : on on the first plan, and the same tower far away.

I’m searching for tips about camera’s settings (I tried something like f=10 but it’s a little ugly), dimensions of the modeling in blender ?
The point is the impact when rendering, I’m afraid that if I model the object too small details will be ignored when rendering, or the whole picture will not suggest the “true” dimensions.

Any tips ?

Small details can be viewed if you make a larger resolution render. If not, just move the camera so one tower is up close and you can see the fine details. Basically like you can see the 5th trough 8th floor but only like half of the building is in view. I can’t really explain it well… Then, the farther tower will show the shape of the tower, without the details being visible.


Hi, and thank for your reply :slight_smile:

I understand that if the model is far details will be wiped, but I don’t know how if cam property will change something to it.

In others words, is the result the same if I model something at scale = 1, and scale = 0.01 (which fit better to blender’s modeling area).

It depends on how you setup the camera (e.g. Lens, distance from mesh) and how big the rendered image is.

Ok, seems it’s a good idea to model small with a high final rendering quality. Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Blender render is completely scale invariant except the camera frustum is limited. (5000 blender units i think it is)
Simulating physics scales.
So when using Cloth, particles or soft bodies stick to the 1BU = 1 meter rule.

In this case the lens number means

millimeter focal length old days analog cameras used that
35 moderate wide
50 normal
100 weak tele
2000 mirror tele monster

So the 10 is pretty close to the fish eye.

or if you use the “D” option
the opening angle


Thanks ! It’s exactly what I wanted to know :slight_smile: (but my english is a little poor, so sorry if my questions wasn’t very clear… )