Does the UV layout export in 2.53 work?

I exported a layout and got an SVG file but haven’t been able to open or convert it. Inkscape opens it as a blank page for example. An online converter reported errors in the svg file.

Both svg and eps work for me in illustrator cs4 and photoshop.

I finally got it to open in another converter, but it seems a bit flaky. I don’t know how sensitive svg files are, but this doesn’t seem very robust.

I attempted opening it in illustrator cs3 and got an interesting effect. The UV map flashed on the screen, then it was replaced with a solid gray rectangle. There’s only one layer so I don’t know what’s going on. I’m a total novice with illustrator anyway.

This makes me think that’s what I was seeing in inkscape it just wasn’t flashing the UV map first, only showing the gray rectangle.

Use the official version of Blender 2.5 beta , the one on , the ones on sometime don`t work.

I had a build form graphicall that did not export any svg or eps , droped it and got blender 2.5 beta from

That’s where I got it.

The GIMP can open .svg files just fine. In windows by default, if you click on the image icon, gimp won’t automatically start, (you could change that), but you can load the files from within gimp. I haven’t tried uv export from 2.53 beta, but it worked just fine in a recent 2.52 alpha build…


I was able to get Illustrator to show it if I put it into outline mode. In preview mode it’s all gray on gray.

Inkscape does the same thing, perfect if in outline mode, all gray in preview mode.

I fixed this by changing the window background color in the UV section of the user preferences.