Does the UV window sometimes 'forget' which UV-map a material is using?

Here’s a confusing thing that keeps happening to me in the UV window - I have a bunch of materials and two of UV maps, sometimes in the same mesh.

Both UV maps feature in a number of materials. (ie Material 1, 2 and 7 use UV map A and material 3, 4, 5 and 6 use B and so forth.

Sometimes when I assign a material to an object (or part of an object) and said material uses UV map A, it still shows me UV map B in the UV window (but still shows me the correct image in the 3d-View.

It’s not much of a problem at this point because I can quickly go and change it in the little box under the UV window but I can see it getting pretty confusing when I’m handling 10 or 15 different UV maps featuring in 50-100 materials, which will eventually happen.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Marco :slight_smile:

Most likely it shows the face assigned texture in the uv/image editor like it should.
8 UV maps for an object is the maximum and if you’re using 50-100 materials on a single object, you’re doing something wrong.

No, at the moment I’m using only 2 UVs per object. I’m guessing it will go up to 4, maybe 5 at some point (I meant to 50-100 materials /15 maps for the whole project).

Basically the whole problem is that it shows me the correct UV map in the 3d view, the material/texture complex and in the render but I sometimes have to change the image in the UV window to match.

Truth be told even if I had to scroll through 10, 15 maps or so to get them to match it wouldn’t be a showstopper, just kind of weird.

BTW - thanks for pointing out the UV limit anyway because I was going to wholesale-merge objects at some later stage which would indeed have resulted in more than 8 maps per object! That saved me a big future headache. :smiley:

If each material only uses one map, then one map will do for the whole object. You only need multiple maps if any individual faces need mapping in more than one way (e.g. once for a diffuse texture and once for a differently mapped set of normals).

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Hey there,

I sometimes use more than one material for one object (for different faces) where each material uses a different map. Hence 1 object = 2 materials and 2 maps.

Then when I click on a face that uses (material A (map 1)), it sometimes shows me (map 2) in the UV window, even though it correctly shows me (map 1) in the material and textures, in the 3d viewport and the render. I then change the image to the real one in the UV editor so as to be able to coordinate changes to my mapping better.

I changed my tactic from using different parts of one big UV-map to use in different materials.
Then I made a new version of the map I liked better and changed the name to name_new.
I then deleted the map from the texture panel and replaced it with the new one.

It renders correctly but it stil shows me the old map in the UV editor.

I opened, closed, joined all objects using any material whatsoever, made sure no object uses the old map closed, opened it again and it’s still there mocking me in the UV window. Does anyone know what’s the deal?

Edit:OK at long last I fixed the problem by deleting the new map as well, saving, opening, closing and saving again. Now I only have to recreate all the different models from the big joined one and I’m ready to go.

I’ve made a little screenshot to illustrate the issue – it’s quite manageable with maps as easily regognizable as the two in the example. I can always just scroll to the correct map in the UV header. But at a later point I’m going to add two or three new maps very similar to the current one at first glance but different in important details.

(Image should open in new tab)