Does there exist an addon for constraining particles to camera view?


I bought the Mirage addon yesterday for tree distribution reasons, and found it had a handy little button that focuses all the particles to only what the camera can see via a weight map.
This is awesome.
However Mirage doesn’t quite fit my needs as I’m working with Gaea and WM to generate the terrains and subsequent maps for distributing the aforementioned trees.
So I’m wondering if there exists a simple addon that does the particle constraining by itself? Or failing that, is there a tute out there somewhere for doing it manually?
I’ve seen Gleb and Aidy’s space vfx video on dynamic painting, but I’m not sure if thats applicable to my needs.

Example file:!AjPBRKh42r09jw19YAiqdA70_KVl Bit big, contains a couple of Gaea generated maps.

If your camera isn’t moving it’s probably easiest and most effective to manually set up a vertex group for your particle emission… That way you can distribute the trees exactly how you want them.

kind of suck that this features ar not built in
we could have a modifier that bound weightmap to camera or lights

Hey I just created an addon with the functionality you’re looking for:

Works great with the particle density addon: