Does this "fancy" web menu work on your browser / o.s. ?

I’m wondering if this web site’s “fancy” menu is broken or it’s my p.c. / browsers.

I’m running XP Pro, and have Opera 9.02, Firefox 2.004, I.E. and none of them work on this web site:

On the right side of the page, there is a menu under “Our Network”. If you LMB on any of the “+” symbols beside a channel name, it looks like the menu items for that channel should expand.

When I try it though, the item expands, then immediately contracts / closes. I wonder if it’s either because I’m on dialup, or there’s something “wonky” with my system.

If you have a second, and are curious about possibly a new/different web technique could you surf on over and try the menu and report your results :

Your o.s., your browser.



It works if you keep clicking on it.

I should tell them to use Suckerfish.

On my XP Home SP2 machine, IE7 does what you describe but latest Firefox simply shows the menus expanded with no interactivity.

I’m guessing it’s supposed to work something like the one on this page?


Firefox on WinXP It does what it did to you.
It has nothing to do with dial up, as I have comcast high speed internet

The “arizonarvparts” does work for me.

What version of FireFox are you using?

I started to look at the code their using, but unfortunately it looks like the main javascript ‘jquery.js’ has been obfuscated and is pretty much unreadable.

While I’m curious as to how the code works, I just wanted to read the content at the moment :wink:


I found some good links about suckerfish … though it sounds like you already know about it, will be helpful to me, as I’m trying to get up to speed on web development :


“Son of SuckerFish”

on ubuntu linux with the latest firefox, it works! :slight_smile: (well, it works in the sence that they are all open, right away, cant close though)

on opera they are all closed, and it did work(they opened), though i used my stylus and went berserk with clicking :smiley:

(Firefox on Freespire + ThatPage = no good

On vista using FireFox and IE it doesn’t work for me. Does what you explained.

<edit> Got it to work once, but I can’t get it to work again.



Alright. I have no idea how to test this at the moment, but by the fact that nobody has tested it on Safari, and since the designer obviously had to test it on SOMETHING, I’m guessing it works on it.

If OSX Rules sees this, he should test it.

Yes, I’ve seen both of those. In fact, I’ve learned and relearned everything about web design from asking questions here and reading those two sites. I highly recommend HTML Dog and A List Apart.

Konqueror and Firefox on my machine do the quick retract thing. Opera has them all open and they can’t be closed.

My vote: Untested, bad design

I got into on my work internet!

ok, tried in opera (again) and what you need to click it seems is the backround/text in there, basically, i haven’t checked the code but my guess it bad site design. (me no like it!) :frowning:

Their web designer is probably scared to fix it because of all that javascript.

jQuery is a javascript library. It’s probably just the way the dude’s using it. It doesn’t work here – latest FireFox on Linux.

Someone’ll fix it sometime.