Does this glass refraction look right? Also, transparency takes REALLY long to render

I understand that glass does refract light, but for some reason this looks wrong to me. I’m just looking for feedback.
YouTube Vid
Sorry the scene’s too bright, but you should be able to make out everything. It’s a lighthouse with a sphere inside where the light would be.

Also, having the glass panes in the window vs. not having anything there makes my render time jump from around 5 seconds to 5+ minutes per frame. I have a sun and environment lighting (both intensity 1; I’ll tone them down) which both use ray tracing, but I wouldn’t have expected a 60x or more increase in render time. Is something wrong or is that normal?

It looks ok to me.

You do get longer render time; each class panel do need to have ray traced.

Glass panels shouldn’t have that much refraction. To me that looks like solid block of glass, like a prism. If you want to use refraction, make sure you model an actual thickness to each panel.