Does this happen to you as well... (Fixed)

I’ve found a way to make my game run at a constant feasible frame rate, by dividing my game into areas like Zelda. But, the game doesn’t let me change areas without crashing. It just closes and comes up with the Microsoft Error thingy. Does anybody else get this problem? If so, can anybody suggest a way to fix it? Thanks.

(So you know I’m not pulling your legs.)

I do want to warn you though, I’m not sure what would happen to a Macintosh. I know that on my XP, computer it just closes and comes up with the Microsoft error report thing.

Please don’t download if you think it could harm your computer, all I ask is for a logical response or answer or theory as to why this could happen, and how I could go about fixing it.

I have come up with an idea myself, which is to have everything in 1 scene and find a script to only render what the viewpoint can see. I heard something about it a while ago…

Whoa I havent heard the word macintosh for a while :slight_smile: very profesional
-Impretty sure the crashing has something to do with the repeating python. I think your trying to force your game to work with something that isnt there. Ill take a closer look.
-I love your stlye of level design btw.
EDIT: one more thing: are your sure it is supposed to be GameLogic.LastDoor or should it be Owner.LastDoor?

im gona check that

Yes, I saw this problem when quitting your game. You’re not by any chance using Sumo physics are you? I’ve had crashes exactly like this when using sumo.

Yep, he’s using Sumo. But that doesn’t appear to be the problem. You should still use Bullet, though.

im getting all over this

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “setEntrance”, line 9, in <module>
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘lastDoor’
it goes to next level but then when i play game in texture mode character sinks in the floor and goes trough it falling all over jumping won’t help
when played in wire mode its ok
goh !!

I looked over your file but I’m not quite sure what the problem is. There was a bit of a problem with the way you implemented the door scripts.

  1. The door From the beach and the door To the beach should have the same doorID.
  2. Your setEntrance empty needs to have prop: enterID, set to correspond with the doorID. The always sensor should have the pulse unchecked, so it only fires once at the beginning of the scene.
  3. The initialize empty should have the pulse unchecked, so it only fires once as well.

I might see if I can optimize the script a bit so it goes on the Player instead of the entrances. Good luck.

Hey Dakka,

I posted a newer version of the scene swapping scripts that is less dependent on properties.

The setup:

  1. Empty with an initialize script. This script now gets the entry coordinates.
  2. Door object with setLastdoor script and set/remove scene actuators.
  3. Entry point empty with string prop:enterID, with a value of the scene it comes from.
  4. Set position script for the player.

Let me know if that works out better for you.

Thanks for the help guys! I haven’t delved deep into the use of physics systems so I really didn’t bother with it. How can I change which system I’m using? And do I have to download and build bullet, or is it included? I’ll get the new scripts now Skullbunny, thanks for making this.

So I think my problem is the python trying to get a scene which doesn’t exist.