Does this look good to you?

This is a model of the swordfish I got from Alpha Zen. I’m wanting to make an animation out of this, and am wondering what you think of this pic. I remodled the part with glass and the glass. I made a simple texture for the orange part. I rendered with Yafray. I used some textures I had on hand on the gun-part.

I think it looks just fine! It would be quite interesting to see an animation using this model.

Cool! =D

woha! havent posted for a while, well here goes…

i think the texture could use some work like, a little bit of scratches (nothing to big) an some dirt or something, knowing its spikes machine id say some bullet holes or other signs of battle wouldn’t hurt either! but the model it self is great! hope this was of some help.

Looks like a nice base model, but it is missing some serious detail.
See this site for some good pictures:

Also, google it.

You should consider using some uv-texturing instead of procedurals for the body --this will get you good dirt maps, better color, and fix in some of those missing details.

Hope this helps and good luck.

wonderfull i love it