does this look like a shed? UPDATED 29/1/06

newest version

It’s supposed to look like a “rustic” cattle shed, a small one at that!

How could i improve the lighting? im using two lamps atm one up high towards the back, the other down low nearer to the front.

You could try to use the hair particles to do grass. If you don’t want to use the hair particles you can atleast use a seamless texture. You have some texture stretching too to get rid of that select cube in map input. You could try to model some stuff in that shed.
Otherwise I think it’s good.

the modelling seems good but the lighting and texturing dont look so good

1: the bar that goes under the roof has bad textures, or its not sett correctly. the texture goes straigh down, try setting the mapping to cube and reduce the spec on all material

1:enable AO and maybe add particles for the grass instead of the 2d image with bumpmap

apart from them little things this does look pretty good

i’ve made a tutorial for making wood on shacks like this look real…

check it out here

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updated see top post