Does this make sense??

Thanks for your answers for my previous thread about which configuration. Finally I found a fourth option that seemed to be the best. I bought a PC with a I7-4770-K with an button for turning off and on automatical Factory guaranteed overclocking up to 4.1Ghz. The GPU is a GTX 760 3gb.
Let´s see if someone can explain me this because I can´t understand it.

With my former PC, an old I3, for a particular scene and setup, render time in cycles was about 40 hours.
In the new i7, rendering with the GPU, makes an estimation of 26hours.
In the new i7, Rendering with the CPU, estimated times are much lower, about 2-3hours for the same scene and setup depending on if overclocking is ON (2.15h) or OFF (2.45h).

I was expecting to render much faster in cycles with the GPU tan with the CPU, and it resulted to be just the inverse…Does this make any sense or perhaps I´m configurating wrongly the gpu rendering?.

I´ll try to check if I´m configurating something wrong at rendering with gpu, but ideas are welcome.
I´ll also try to see if results are similar with other scenes and different light setups.
Thanks for your answers!. . .

The 4770K is a beast but the GTX 760 should come close to it.
There is a big difference in render time if you use small Tiles for GPU, you need at least 256x256 Tiles.
CPU need small tiles, 16x16 for example.
I use the Auto Tiles Addon, it switch automatic between CPU and GPU settings.

Cheers, mib.

Oh god! I knew i was forgotting something. I knew about tiling size afecting times depending on cpu or gpu, but i didn´t know the addon. Thank u for pointing where was my fault!.

New data:

With GPU 256x256 tiling 1.52h estimated.
With cpu 16x16 2.15h estimated.

Althoug I thought GPU would brutally defeat the CPU, at least it starts to make sense…Thank you!.

I´ll investigate the addon you adviced, seems very helpful!.