Does this material looks like clay enough?

I tried to make a clay version of the “La vache qui rit” AKA “The laughing cow”
Just keep questioning myself does its material looks like clay enough?

It looks like you’re halfway towards a good clay shader. The softness is there, but you need something to break up the smooth surfaces, make it look like it’s been hand sculpted. A really subtle normalmap would probably help you out here.


I second the normal map, some slight smudges or fingerprints even, depending on how rough you want it


It doesn’t look like clay at all, sorry, it looks like Catmull-Clark. Clay would have all sorts of tool marks, fingerprints, oily patches from handling, bubbles, etc. Also there’s no way a human could model a figure so small to that level of mathematical precision and symmetry.

Thank you for your suggestions guys, FYI this is a small firgure in real life and I already add some fingerprint bump and gloss but maybe not enough.
I also wanted to break the smooth surface like Renzatic said but can’t find the right normal map for it

Here are the real pictures for reference

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