Does this middle ground type low poly look odd?

I’m making this little scene:

I’m combining realistic materials with my somewhat low poly model aaaaand… I’m not sure if this entire thing fits together. Firstly, does the model look right? Does it look proper having this mashup of low poly and a solid bit of detail? Secondly, does the low poly car fit with the materials used?
I’m asking because through my noob eyes it looks pretty neat, but I want to know what you blender pros think about it.

I’m no professional, but I’ve got two words for you: Tesla cybertruck

I think there should be a flow in those lines. The vertices should define a curve so that it doesn’t look random. Might require a lot of manual tweaking.

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It’s a bit odd. I’d simplify the background details to match the low poly look.

What do you mean exactly? What exactly would you change?

Too much textural detail on the ground, same with the HDRI. I’d simplify both, or add more detail to the car.

I think it is interesting.
besides what therendercode said I think the lighting and perhaps effects like glow will be very important for something like this.

Thanks for the reply. Together with thanks to pretty much everyone who replied. I will keep your answers in mind.

I’ll try find a reference road and copy its material. Thanks for the help

It does look odd. I’d suggest being consistent to your main subject here, which is the car. So if you like the car’s low poly, solid colour look, then I’d suggest matching the environment to that aesthetic.
Unless, if you wanted to make it feel like the car could be present in our naturalistic world while maintaining the low poly forms, then give a slight bevel to the sharp edges, adjust textures accordingly with roughness variations etc. Also, I’d suggest you do something about that red light. If you take a look at real car lights (or light sabers), the source of the light is quite bright and pale, or slightly different in hue than the colour of the light it emits. Hope that helps! Keep us posted!

Yes, there’s something to be said here. The Tesla truck is basically a low poly vehicle in a our real world. Maybe study its textures and how it looks under different lighting conditions. That can serve as a good base of reference for how you can combine these two different worlds

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Yeah uhhh… it’s weird answering this late but… I changed the asphalt to a more low poly suited material, but still ended up scrapping the project because of my terrible model. But now I have a new project and I think it is very weird answering so late but I’d be grateful if you could help me out here: How to create realistic car head/tail lights
Thank you a lot for the tips and I may decide going back to this at some point but low poly’s so easy to bend faces throw me off a lot, so that’s that. Please help above and thanks a lot.