Does this still work in BGE? For Multiplayer

hello all… I was hoping somebody could tell me if this still work in blender? The video is only 1 year old, but when I try with his sample blend, it gives error. I think maybe python must having changed since the video, but I am unsure how to fix this… and yes, I changed the server to my local when I tried it…

the process in this video I speak of is:

also. does the multiplayer add-on from agoose feature the best way to host gaming online with BGE? i try to learn it, but it confused me a little, and before I have trying to learn it more, i want to ask if it is the best approach? or is it perhaps just better to learn/write networking from scratch, even though i know this must be a monster of a task…

i guess my question is also with multiplayer addon, how easy is it to alter it to better fit my needs, or function with some differences if it occurs… is it so easy as to just change the scripts to come with addon?

please somebody help me… i know i must not be only one concerning with multiplayer in BGE…

i just now try this again, the first video method. it causes much lag, and still errors, but i can get two cubes into the same screne and moving… Why does it cause lag/errors?

There is a certain minimum knowledge base required for the use of any tool. To use a lathe, a person has to be tutored, or risk injuring themselves or making expensive mistakes. In the world of software, the same applies, particularly where the tool is designed for a developer. Anyone can use microsoft word, but not everyone can handle using sudo, or shell scripts.

Can you see where I am going with this? To use a script plugin for blender, particularly one of this magnitude of complexity, you have to know enough scripting to understand what’s happening, and how to fix it.
So learning python is a bit of a prerequisit to using this script.

Also, using a forum generally requires posts to have information containing details on the problem, such as what the errors actually are.

Agoose’s add on does not function for me at all. Nor does Old Jim’s etc Win7 64

I modified Goran’s UDP method, had to force open ports with some app for my own computer…

Is the method you speak of this:

Yes, i had to use some hacking tool to open my sockets on my machine but it worked locally and using my cellphone before that. The other methods, no.