Does this work?

Just trying to embed an applet in a post.

<applet archive=“” code=“test.ViewerApplet” width=“800” height=“600”></applet>

I realise now, I could have just previewed rather than posting to find out.

That said, can people see if this applet works?

It’s a new kind of 3D viewer. It reqiures Java 1.4 or more.

This requires the Java3D plugin.
If you don’t have Java3D installed, it will let you navigate to the Java3D site

Elysiun forum don’t support html tags in messages.

What is the the file format this viewer can read?

Also this is best suited for news&chat


didn’t seem to work in either Firefox or IE, just saw a java symbol like it was loading, but nothing ever happend.

That’s a bugger,
it seems to work for me.

It’s an applet that displays a blender model.
I thought it was something the elysiun community would really like, because rather than just embedding a graphic in the forum, you could embed an interactive model that people can rotate, etc.

That would be cool.
Great for C&C.

It works fantastically using Firefox 1.5 with the Blackdown Java 3D plugin under Linux. Pretty cool stuff.

sounds really interesting to me, but i can’t see more than a gry square. I donwloaded the OpenGL Runtime from Sun, and it does show a “loading” screen.
After that it doesn’t show anything, but the grey square.

How to fix this?

Ok, this time I was prompted to download the java 3d viewer, and after I did that, it worked. Yay! Very neat… gimme gimme gimme!

I know dedalo3d had one, but they were selling it. Of course, all it required was html.