Does Unreal allow drawing vegetation on poly's?

I’m making a small environment scene, a little village, a long road, some hills, that kind of a thing, if I export that to Unreal, will I be able to draw the grass and bushes on the ground model or will I have to make the ground inside Unreal, making my ground poly model obsolete?

If I’d have to make it in Unreal, then I guess the road model I made would also not be good, since I’d have to adjust the ground in Unreal to fit the road model made in Blender, which would probably be a pain. I could of course make the road inside Unreal, I suppose that there is an option to do that, but I’d prefer to just make everything in Blender except vegetation, that way I could plan out and see the height of the ground in relation to all 3d models, instead of having to adjust the ground in Unreal or something.

*note, I’m asking about the vegetation brush options, not manually adding each and every bush, grass or tree in Unreal, since that is possible, but far more inefficient than using a vegetation brush.

I think this may be a question for an Unreal forum rather than a Blender forum. I don’t see why there would be a problem making everything in Blender except vegetation, so you can sculpt landscape and roads in Blender before adding grass and bushed in Unreal.

Unity doesn’t allow this, at least not without addons.

Anyway, if someone in the future wonders about this and finds this topic, answer to my question is yes, you can brush-paint vegetation on meshes in Unreal, although technically you are painting static meshes that you previously choose, something like the particle system in Blender where you can choose to have meshes as particles, except that here you have a brush and just paint it instantly.

The only somewhat nag is that Unreal doesn’t come with vegetation assets automatically, but instead you have to find and download other projects on the Unreal marketplace, nature demo’s and things like that and import that to your project.

Yes it does

A little late, I figured it out in my previous post a month ago