Does UPBGE support VR game creation through Blender?

Greetings all! Can UPBGE support games made for VR? The 2.9 I’m using currently has support to preview in VR, but I’m looking to make a game in Blender for VR. If anyone has been successful at it already, please share! Thanks.

Not yet, all that is exposed by the XR session atm is the pos/rot of the camera, but a patch was recently submitted to add vr controller / Vive handle support

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Great update. Thanks for the insight!

There has been a merge into a branch, vr_includes wrapping controllers and binding actions, it only works in embedded atm

I have a build for win64 from a while back if you need it

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here is a build of upbge with VR from july 6th

Thanks you!

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Welcome btw!

I am trying to get access to a vive controller with upbge / python. I tried the “Wrectified_VR” blendfile with the “Release_vr_july_6” build. But I am not able to get it to work.
If I do “Start VR Session” and then “Embedded Start” in the Game Engine, I just get a flickery screen. And if I just run “Embedded Start”, I don’t have any controlls.
Can you give me a hint, how you got this to work?

make sure you are using ‘use viewport render’

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thx, got it to work :slight_smile:

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Hi Jacob, I would like to experiment with the latest xr-controller-support build and the latest upbge build together.

Can I ask you, how you got your merged build (Release_vr_july_6)? Is ther a way to merge these two together?

upbge master now has vr addon / controller stuff built in

xr = bpy.context.xr_session_state

is what you use to poll it when the GE is running

openXR is built into blender / upbge now.

you don’t need a special build

Ayo! is there a VR option in 2.5?

I think you can get the viewer pos / rot / controllers

as for rendering the viewport to a buffer you can see in the headset, that may need a little setup too.