does viewing locked threads make you a bad person?

Whenever I come into this section of the site I always seem to read the locked threads first! it’s like some perverse fascination as most of the topics here don’t really engage me, i feel compelled to look at the wreckage of the locked thread and see the moment it all went wrong…

Am I alone in this? does this make me a bad person?

You are not alone, and I hope this doesn’t make you a bad person, because then, I would be a bad person as well… :slight_smile:

yeah, the lock icon is very attractive indeed. And yes, it does make you a bad person.

I find it more entertaining to get in before lock. I only read the locked threads to research how spot a thread in danger of being locked… :yes:

:eek: No way that Michael W can go bad or any artist here or even a person with mind!
Ok ok O-right the locked thread is attractive like sausages say, as if it make you a bad person that`s up to you and what you feel. :yes:

No, I don’t think it makes you bad, I read them too. But I do think it to be kinda funny that you read them first, I just scroll down to the last unread thread and work my way back up.

I think that reading the locked threads helps to understand what (I think) the moderators have been wanting to get across quite a bit here lately, which is, learn what is right to get into a conversation about with people a)you don’t know, b) for the most part, come from different cultures than you (you don’t know what irks them), and c) have different ways of reacting to things.

I think this is a good time to reevaluate what this community is about. We have to many people running around thinking this is hang out place. We have Off-Topic for discussions about thing we think are interesting and would like to share or a place to direct our play, not so we can run wild, break all of the rules, annoy everyone, and think we can get away with it, just because it’s off-topic. I believe that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and Off-Topic should be a nice reflection of that.

Most of the locked threads are the very reason I, personally, will not go near You-Tube. You-Tube started out as a nice place to post your videos and share them, but has quickly become a place full of hate and stupidity. Hate against others of different cultures, ethnicity, personalities, etc. I’d hate to see Off-Topic take the same route, but I believe it’s in the good hands of the mods.

So, I hope that we can value our privileges of being a part of this great community, which for the most part, are very cheerful, kind, helpful people and keep the name of Blender good in the eyes of spectators. I am very sorry if anything I have ever posted has offended anyone. I try to be good, and this community has caused me to become a much more sociable person. Thank you for everything Blender-peeps!:smiley:

Well said.

And along that vein, thank God for do-gooder thread-jackers who jump in if things threaten to get ugly :wink:
(although I don’t advocate thread-jacking in most instances.)

@ RedJay you really know what happens!
Well said.

I read 'em, but sometimes it’s just someone bumping an old thread with a question.

I view locked threads, I like to see why it gets locked that’s all.

I read them for entertainment, but sometimes I come out depressed. :frowning:

Yes !! you are a bad person!!

Viewing locked threads is very bad! A locked thread is basically forum porn, which is evil. If you view too much forum porn you will go to cyber hell after you die.

People who read locked forum threads should be banned for promoting forum porn!!
I mean, we should get rid of these people for the children sake! Just think of how damaged a small child would be after learning locked content.

Our families are at stake here people! People who read locked threads want to destroy the family unit!

Not to mention the perversion it breeds! Once a person views locked content they are ruined for life!

All threads that you think might be locked should be labeled NSFW!
Just think of all the damage it could cause, you are minding your own business, Reading forums on company time. Some walks by and sees you are viewing locked content, you could get fired! (they will forget the fact that you are a faithful employee, who spends company time reading forums rather than working)

We also need to make sure children can read the forums, without the risk of seeing locked content! Every person has the right to leave their children unattended. It is everyone else responsibility to make sure the child does not see locked content, not the parents! Do not forget their children are your responsibility, so mark your threads accordingly!

We need to ban together people! We, are us,and they are them. They are not chosen by our deity therefore we have the right to dictate rules over them! They are not us because they are different, that is why we call them “them”.

Dammed locked forum reading scum!!

There’s usually nothing more than some arguing in locked threads, not risque imagery. Calling them forum porn is quite a stretch.

I just call it that for the severity of the problem. Sure there might not be any nudity there, but it can deteriorate the soul just as much!

We have peoples soles at stake here! If we do not make the right decision for them,they might turn into “free thinkers” , and we all know how damaging that can be!

We need to stop locked content viewing before it starts! And before it is too late!

I don’t think I turned into a liberal reading locked threads, still conservative as always.

Just to note, if content truly has to be locked away, the thread or post will be deleted instead.

Dont fool yourself.

Soon you will start going blind, and hair will start growing out of the palms of your hands. Then your soul will be dammed to burn forever!

I know this is true, because I heard it from a person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person, who heard it from another person.

That goes back for over the last 2000 years! Which makes it totally true, so do not doubt it. Just keep faith that forum porn is true, and you will not be tortured for time and all eternity.

2000 years ago they didn’t have online forums so you couldn’t see locked topics.

Note again X-rated content is deleted immediately by the mods. Other content is also deleted. Also, do you think locked threads that are G-rated, but are only locked because it’s a bumped thread 2 years old ‘forum porn’?

You dont understand, Locked content is all evil, no matter what is inside of it.
Forum porn must have destroyed all of you morality already.

Hmm, so what does that make the threads that get locked because they’re just plain stupid?

Hey Oracle, I hope you’re still having fun even though CD is so thickly missing your sarcasm.

Michael W: It doesn’t make you a bad person. But if you do this in real life (you know, slowing down to view an accident on the highway), it’s very annoying. Stop it … we’re all trying to get to work on time.