Does viewport denoising lock up the viewport with an AMD card?

I use nVidia. I see two options for denoising “OptiX”, and “OpenImageDenoise”. If I choose “OpenImageDenoise”, unlike “OptiX”, there is a brief lock-up time for the viewport when I tried to move or change something. That is, for a brief moment, the viewport does not change or respond, and the it changes.

Given the fact that “OptiX” is probably not available for AMD, I wonder if “OpenImageDenoise” delay also happens with a latest AMD graphics card. Or is there another viewport denoising option for AMD than the two that allows fast denoising on AMD?

Haven’t used OIDenoise but since it is likely caused by the CPU thread I’d expect it to be the same, yes. As for AMD specific denoise, I think something is supposedly in the works(by AMD iirc) but I have no idea when it might be available for use.

Any particular reason you ask? If it’s because you are considering upgrading and worried about supply, I’d say if you have a reasonable recent GPU right now just wait. Supply is bad both with nvidia and AMD right now.

There is no denoiser for AMD GPUs right now. However, it is being worked on.

  • AMD GPU denoiser patch is coming soon.


I won’t change the graphics card until the prices become reasonable, but I have been thinking about if new AMD cards work as well as nVidia’s cards, so I asked about this in advance.