Does workshop like animation mentor or cheaper alternative like ianimate is worth the invest?

Hi there, I am currently just a self taught animator.
I an considering buying book that a lot advise to buy which is the animator survival kit.
Still, I kinda want to consider to apply for workshop like for ianimate which is waaaaaay cheaper than AM.
And also that they have a special workshop for blender 3d and grease pencil. Which is kinda nice because I was really hesitant with AM because they do not mention what software they use.
I kinda wish that blender cloud offer more tutorial on animation but they have more important stuff to do which is fair.
And if I apply to a workshop, it will probably boost my career I guess.
But it is still very expensive so I an still wondering is it worth the shot or I focus on self taught. Because I am sure there some great tutor too on youtube but I have difficulty to find them or that the tutorial that the present are not the one that I need I guess.

Spare your money. Work on your portfolio and get a position as junior animator in a little studio. You learn more in a production than AM could ever teach you. Also don’t limit yourself to just animation. Take this advice at what it is, just an opinion.

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It very much depends on which format of education you think works best for you. When you were in school, did you learn anything from the teacher’s daily presentations? Or did you learn it all on your own?

I agree with SidV’s sentiments. My first job was tearing paper off a line-printer in the college computer center (long before “microcomputers” or even “minicomputers” existed), and shoving it through the proper slot in the wall. It didn’t matter to me what the job was: what mattered was where I was. “Inside!”

I worked hard to show myself to be trustworthy and reliable, and I never peeked over someone’s shoulder to learn a password that I wasn’t supposed to know. :roll_eyes: :angel: And, that’s how it all really began . . . Yes, I got a Bachelor’s degree from that institution, but I never really learned anything from it that I used later in life. I learned a lot from working in that computer center. (I eventually managed a part of it.)

[b]But …[/i] I also wrote and taught courses at a local community college for many years. Some of the adults(!) who were in my classes held PhD’s in other subjects. None of them were seeking a diploma or even a certificate. They just wanted to learn a subject in a classroom setting, and I tremendously enjoyed the challenge of doing it. (Adult students will keep you on your toes!)


Thank you so much for your reply, and I think I agree with this advice.

Thank you so much for your very detailed answer. I think that I have my answer. THanks for the help.