Does Yable work for OSX yet ?

I have not seen any updates in a while.
And last case was that it did not work for OSX but now that 2.28 is here tons of stuff works , YaY! But I still have no clue if yabel does.


umm, why do you need to ask? Try it, let us know.

Uhm because I was hoping some OSX creature DiD get it to work. As yes it does not work for me. It exports some stuff but the xml is empty.

Oh well. I guess I will never get to play with HDRI


Yable 0.0.3 (and YableX from at least a few weeks ago) do NOT yet work with OS X… because they don’t yet work with the updated Python API for 2.28. Mostly to do with figuring info about the camera.

This shouldn’t take long to fix, though. The GOOD news is that anything that works in 2.28 on any other platform should now work on OS X without any changes whatsoever (unless someone hardcoded a filename or path… tsk tsk…).

Many thanks to the developers for this major (for us OS X types) upgrade!