Does Yafray need more RAM than internal renderer?

I’m having a little problem
When I’m trying to use Yafray with HDRI for a simple scene all is fine, I get a beautifull render.
But when the scene gets more complex Yafray crashes. The same complex scene however is rendered with Blender internal renderer with no problems.
The problem occurs when the scene data exceeds available system memory. I’m having 512 MB of RAM on my laptop and Blender internal can use system swap file to manage rendering processes with data for example of 700MB. But when I try to use Yafray for that it crashes.
Anyone knows a solution other than buying extra RAM?
My system is WinXP, Blender 2.42 and Yafray 0.0.9, both builds downloaded from official sites.
Will be greatfull for any clues

I am interested in knowing that too… iam stuck with 512 MB ram here,… i guess its worth to get more muscle…but is it necessary?..thanks… iam running ubuntu edgy

Do you mean “I want to render exactly the same scene with Blender’s Internal Engine and Yafray - which one does need more RAM”? Hard to judge, here’s just my opinion based on my own experience…(waiting for Alvaro or Lynx to come and answer properly…):
Yafray’s allows you to use more advanced rendering methods like GI which really need some proecessing power. I’d not be surprised if that needs a lot of RAM as well. You can’t really say more, though, as the rendering algorithms which are used can’t be compared. Also, both have a different interpretation of the actual models as well.

So…I’d say you can’t really say yes or no but you can say, if you are to fake it with Blender, then it might take less resources than actually doing it with Yafray. Although AO is quite heavy, too…
And either way, it’s never wrong to buy extra RAM if you have 512 at the moment…

Thx for reply but my problem is a liitle bit different.
I have the same scene (it was a car I have made for the Peugeot contest). I know it needs around 700MB of data to render - Blender shows this info in the render window.
So as I have 512MB of RAM it means that it uses system swap file properlly and renderes the scene.
Yafray however seems to ignore swap file and crashes with the same scene on the same machine.
The problem is not that scenes rendered with Yafray use more memory. The problem is that Yafray can not manage more data than phisically available RAM. At least Yafray on my machine :confused:
This could be some configuration problem, however as I am new to Blender and even “more new” to Yafray I have no idea where to start.

Big studios like Pixar don’t have unlimited resources for rendering their movies, if fact the are looking all the time for ways of rendering the most pixels using the less hertzs. If a given scene is too complex given your computing resources, in first place you should wonder about ways of optimising the scene. Can you use multipass rendering, for instace? Although Yafray doesn’t not support render passes, layer passes is not a engine-dependant technique, for instance.

Second, I would suggest using yafray in command line.

Well one general problem is that YafRay can’t just use blender’s internal geometry structures, basically everything is duplicated to begin with, unless you export to XML and start the YafRay executable as own process. Also image textures are loaded again into memory, because it can’t read blender’s image structure (yet).
Second, GI raytracing with only part of the scene in memory basically never works well except in special cases and with huge effort, because rays through the scene are basically random, which implies you need enough random access memory, also called RAM :wink:

And then, there can be a serious amount of extra-data, most notably photon maps. So…i’m afraid it sums up to “invest the $90 for an extra GB of RAM”…

Thx Lynx3d, looks like all is clear now
Will have to learn about XML and command line in Yafray, and think about getting some extra RAM :wink: