Doesn't it suck when...

When your best friend that you have known for the past 5 years, who came over every day to play Halo,(no joke, every single damn day) during seventh grade. And now, gets this girlfriend, and spends every damn day of his life sucked to f****** myspace, and his girlfriend. It sucks ass…(lucky sob
:wink: )

and no, dont tell me to get a damn girlfriend, gfs are for noobs XD

My friends already either have or are about to get girlfriends and no I don’t think it’s sad.

Though I don’t like having girlfriends myself you seem to have a problem judging from the overuse of swearing.

bro’s before hoes :wink:

Ask him to spend more time with u or something, but don’t blame him for hanging with his girlfriend. Who wouldnt’ want to spend time with someone who u like and likes u back?

A friend of mine actually met a hot girl on myspace, and they are now together. In other words, he is living the geek’s dream, which is advertised everywhere, but only accomplished by a seldom few…

Luckily, she lives in another state, so he doesn’t get sidetracked by “priorities”.

But yeah. Bro’s before hoe’s.

Amen, it’s really annoying, but I’ve been guilty of it myself. It’s important to find a balance, because you can still have a great relationship without treating treating your friends like total shit. One of my former friends stopped talking to my brother and I at school because he was always so busy with this girl and we just went somewhere else. Now he has no girlfriend and no one to hang out with before school.

And the myspace thing is inexcusible. Anyone who spends more time on it than hanging out in real life has their priorities fucked. I suggest a frontal lobotomy.

My brother hangs out with a bunch of people, some of with include girls. One of them looks like a supermodel in a magazine. But, eversince he started hanging out with them, he started acting like a buttmunch, like he was something special.

Yeah, happend to my brother and I felt like biting her (His Girlfriend) head off and laughing at the body!!! :< :< :< <Catches Breath> It is one of the most irritating things ever. I hate MySpace to a deeply personal level too.

How about being happy for the other person? Sounds pretty crappy of them to completely bail on you though. I’m not sure I would even want a “friend” like that in the first place.

No one here is saying they are resentful because of the friend’s relationship, but at the way their friend treats them.

no way hoes before bro’s…i have a rule with my friends if it come between us hangin out or them being with there gf’s its with the gf’s. here its an unwritten rule with my friends.

my friend is in a band with me AND we play halo all the time with about 20 other people.


he and i both have girlfriends to :]

mmm interesting for sure. From a “hoes” point of view your a pretty shitty gf if u dont allow ur bf some time for his mates.

What is it exactly that people like calling their girlfriends Hoes? I thought they liked their girlfriends?

i think the only person who gets away with calling their gfs ho is Snoop or Xhibit

i think its simply a nice rhyme.

hoes and bros


Well I think people get confused when they are in a relationship. Who should their first priority go to - their friends (who they have known for ages) or their girlfriend/boyfriend!

Thats why, I believe there needs to be a consensus between the two involved. When in a relationship, both need their own space and time. You cannot ditch your old friends just because there is someone new in your life. Because you know in hard times you can awlasy rely on old friends! Similarly, I think its ridiculous to spend everyday with your girlfriend… won’t you run out of things to talk about… or things to do!

Apart from that, I have a solution that worked for me and everyone I suggested. It is not normal and maybe invasion of privacy when this happens… but it strenghtens relationships with friends and loved ones simultaneously.

When you have a girlfriend - introduce her to your friends and create a relationship of strong friendship between them and make her realize that your friends are important too. Similarly, you have to do the same with her friends. Now once this happens, no matter what situation you’re in, or whose friends you’re with, you always are together + you get to maintain a strong relationship with your buddies. Plus, you might be together everyday - but nothing gets old - always something new to talk about! In other words, you have to be awesome friends with your loved one… and try to make sure you have a similar relaship with her friends and she has with your friends. Trust me - so far its always worked.

i agree with you totally abhinavxrai, and i was just jokin guys about the hoes before bros…its just a good rhyme.

My involuntary philosophy is no friends, no girlfriends. That way you get no problems. Sure you feel alone sometimes but so what. It’s all meaningless anyway. The only thing you need other people for is to give yourself something to do and conform with everyone else.

Every time you want to be with someone just think about the reasons why you are there. Do those people really need you. If you weren’t there, they’d just find someone else to fill your place as people have already said. It’s all false and pointless.

So, since it’s equally pointless, I’d say the choice between friends and gfs depends on what matters more to you. Would you rather be able to live into old age and talk about the gool 'ol times while bowling with your buddies or sitting alone on a bench with a stiff one (stiff back I mean) recalling the few months you spent nailing a model?

The choice is a personal one but I’d go with the gf given the choice. You can always make new friends but you don’t always get the chance to get down with a hot chick. Hot chicks come along what once every 5 years? It seems to be about that for me anyway - it will depend on where you live. But there are always tons of desperate and needy people willing to be your friend. Just check out myspace :D… or elysiun :evil chuckle:

Wasnt there a Spice Girls song like that??..

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends…”

“I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna zigazig ha.”

hey tell your friend to spread the love!

we have a cure for this type of thing… It’s called Tag Team.

TAG! woosh!

problem solved