doesnt save after manual texture painting it why?

I open my file again to see if it saved the manual painting that I did but it just opens it as it was

You need to save any image you have created or changed before saving

First time creating the image, use Save As to get it in directory. After each session of painting on the image, if you intend to only keep the one iteration, then use alt-s over the image editor to quickly save the image.

I’d kill for autosave of images…

Only if a user pref option I can uncheck - I save iterations at times when I am doing look dev, and I can’t imagine not being able to go back to a former version to restart. If you have an editor open with the image there, even small like the default scale of the outliner, then alt-s over that window once in awhile isn’t too bad. Liken to Photoshop style editors, you have to save the image as yougo or you lose your work there, too.

where is the image the UV map had a lot of crosses inside boxes of gray and black but how do i save the one I modified? :frowning:

Except that every other app will at least try to recover images after a crash. Really one of the biggest gripes with texture painting in Blender.

Open a new image there in the editor, and set the UVs on it in edit mode, then switch to Texture Paint to see the UVs in the editor while painting in the 3d view. Save your progress with Image>Save Image (alt-s) or Image>Save Image As (F3) in the UV IMage Editor.

Does Photoshop recover images after a crash? I have never experienced a recovery there, this is the first I have heard of this honestly.

k found it its on UV mapping viewr–> in the same bar where you switch to 3d view thats now UV map go image and save :smiley: so noob but slowly learning

it’s okay, I spent a few hours my first time trying to get an image mapped to uv set up in the material texture, I got confused back when I could see it on my model but not on my render :smiley: