Doesnt snapping work in orhto view?

Im using 2.8, and im trying to snap a cube to a wall … When I go to top view, ortho mode… snapping doesnt seem to work

Snapping settings are on ‘face’ and ‘closest’

is this normal? it seems to work in all the other views, except for ortho view

and as a follow up question… what exaclty is the difference between the little magnet and holding CTRL? is CTRL just from incremental movement?

As for your second question yes. Holding Ctrl is for incremental positioning.

As for your first question depending on the version you are using may depend on what is where and if it is currently functional.

THank you for you reply.
Im using the march build of 2.8… I think this is the latest one.

I think I know what I did wrong… I had my settings to FACE in stead of EDGE. Now its working!