Doesn't Texture Paint need a little bit more tools, like drawing a shape?

I needed to draw a circle, but there seemed to be no such tool. So I manually drew a circle using the paint brush, and of course, the circle looked ugly.

Even relatively simple drawing applications, like Windows’ Paint, usually have a tool for drawing rectangles, circles, a text drawing tool, and an eraser tool. Texture Paint does not have much. Maybe I am using it wrongly, but don’t other users feel much of inconvenience when using those seemingly-limited tools in Texture Paint? Or are they mostly use other dedicated graphics software, like Gimp, instead?

I hope everything will change when native Material Painting feature will come eventually. Currently this old Texture Paint is very ancient Blender feature.


What is that, is that some sort of next-generation Texture Paint currently in development?

It does work, but seems complicated for a simple thing.

You can make any shape you want by adding a mesh shape to your object, selecting it and unwrapping by Project to View, scale and position the resulting UV in the UV editor in relation to the rest of your UV, and then paint it in the 3d view using Face Selection Masking. Not perfect, but actually quite useful. You can delete the mesh after and go about your manual painting process again if you want, or you can separate by selection so that you can hide it from view.

Yes, people want Gimp or PShop inside Blender still, but Pablo is working on Sculpt still so maybe later he can drive changes in the Texture Paint area.


They have pland for much better PBR painting in future but no real code yet, but i hope master Pablo&others will do something after sculpt at least if not sooner. Maybe some more companies will donate Money or even better, developers to work on PBR Paint. Lets see what future brings.

In a word «yes». The future will be brighter :slight_smile: