DoF Animation

First time using yafray’s dof feature, is there a way to reduce the wierd shaped noise? Its hard to figure out where you are going to focus but, took about 15 min to render this like 40 frame animation

To get rid of the weird noise, you just go into the Yafray settings (not the GI settings, the tab lables Yafray) and disable Auto AA. Then, make the samples and passes both at 20x20. This will thoughly get rid of all the noise. To get rid of the insane render times for each frame (instead of 15 minutes for the animation, it will be something like 15 minutes per frame… probably less, I dont know your specs) you just need to get a new processor.

You can also directly keyframe the distance at which it is in focus, so you don’t have to move the camera.

but be carefull, something a lot of people forget today is that even a good SLR has sometimes a nice noise in the blurred area.

low end digicams have a much stronger noise. and normal film cams have noise anyway.